First quarter FDI inflow to Turkey up 8.2 percent
(Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey/Dünya) Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Turkey increased by 8.2 percent in the January-March period over the same period of the last year and reached USD 4.6 billion, Turkey’s Minister of Economy, Zafer Caglayan, said in a written statement. More than two thirds of the FDI that Turkey attracted originate from the EU, the Minister Caglayan said, adding that the quarterly increase is a signal of more and larger-scale investments being on the way. Foreign investments into Turkey are expected to significantly increase with the introduction of the new investment incentive regime. Turkey represents a safe haven and a land of opportunities for foreign investors. The fact that 75.2 percent of the FDI is coming from EU countries testifies to Turkey’s becoming a supply and production base for Europe, the Minister’s statement read. 14.05.2012
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» First quarter FDI inflow to Turkey up 8.2 percent

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