Incentives of Çukurova Development Agency

Call for  Proposals
1. Financial Support Programme for Economic Development
- Increasing competitiveness of Çukurova,
- Increasing employment, exports and innovative investment in Çukurova.
Grants: %40 up to 400.000 TL
Granted Sectors up to now:
- Agro food
- Innovative Textiles
- Machinery & Automotive     
- Logistics
- Tourism
- Chemicals & Chemical Products
- Furniture & Wood working

2. Financial Support Programme for Social Development
- Reducing socio-economic adjustment problems and development disparities within the region.
Grants: up to %85 of the project budget.

3. Financial Support Programme for Small Scaled Infrastructure
- To improve working and living conditions of the region.
Grants: up to %60 of the project budget.

State Aid for Investments (Incentives of Treasury)

Promotion of investment projects by issuing incentive certificates executed by the Undersecretariat of Treasury.

New Incentive System
-General investment encouragement mechanism
-Regional and sectorial implementation
-Implementation for large investments

General Investment Encouragement Mechanism
All investment projects on a certain amount, which do not include sectorial distinction without some exceptions, can apply throughout the country.

Exemption from Customs Duties:
- Imports of the machinery and equipment.
VAT Exemption:
- Imports and domestic purchases of machinery and equipment.

Investments should include minimum of 1 million TL. in the first region and in the second region to qualify for general incentives. TR62 Adana and Mersin is the 7th in 26 statistical regions and it is classified the 2nd degree developed area.

Regional Investment Encouragement Mechanism
The promoting tools are in system of regional incentives:
1. VAT Exemption
2. Customs Duty Exemption
3. Tax Reduction
4. Social Security Premium Support
5. Land Allocation

Investments started after 31/12/2010

Incentive for Large-Scale Investments
-Corporate tax rates between 4-15 percent for investments started after 31.12.2010.
-Social security premium contribution for employers for up to 5 years.
-Allocation of state land.

Incentives of KOSGEB

1. SME Project Support Programme
2. Thematic Project Support Programme
3. Cooperation and Alliance Support Programme
4. R&D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support    Programme
5. Entrepreneurship Support Programme
6. General Support Programme

State Aid for Export

The main aims of this scheme are to encourage exports and to increase the competitiveness of companies in international markets. This specific package mainly covers R&D activities, market research, participation in exhibitions and international fairs, and expenditure for patents, trademarks and industrial design.

Incentives of Ministry of Industry and Trade

SAN-TEZ Programme
Direct financial support for new technology adaptation, process development, quality improvement, and environmental modification projects carried out with university partnerships:

1.Up to 75% of project budget could be supported as direct grants,
2.Project period is 3 years with a possible extension of 6 months,
3.Laboratory analysis, test materials and equipment are supported,
4.Application file can be approved within 4 months and the project supervision committee is independent

Incentives by Ministry of Agriculture

Rural Development Supports
Processing, evaluation or marketing of agricultural products investments and economic activity for the village-based investments for irrigation facilities are promoted. But the most important aim is to create local capacity for using of international funds.

The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK)

R & D Project Supports (Industrial)
1501- Industry R&D Projects Programme                                       
1503- R&D Project Market Programme
1507- SME R&D Initiative Programme
1508- Techno-Initiative Programme
1509- International Industry R&D Projects Programme


EUREKA is Europe-wide, bottom up initiative which was established to enhance European competitiveness through its support to businesses, research centers and universities who carry out pan-European projects to develop innovative products, processes and services. EUREKA offers flexible and decentralized support for innovative and close-to market research and development projects by facilitating access to national public and private funding schemes.

Loans for Technology Development Projects

The Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) offers long term interest-free loans for technology development, renewable energy production, energy efficiency improvement and environmental impact-reduction projects.

Exemplary support for environmental projects:
-The maximum contribution rate is 50 percent per project,
-Maximum budget of USD 1 million per project,
-The pay-back term is 4 years in total after project execution, including a one-year grace period.
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