Agribusiness and Çukurova region

Traditionally, agriculture has been a crucial economic activity for the region and agrofood sector will keep its significant role in the development of Çukurova. Besides Çukurova is a significant agricultural exporter. Although Cukurova’s main trade partners are the EU countries, Cukurova has also important trade relations with countries in the Mediterranean basin and the Gulf region.

Economic importance of agriculture in the Region

Agriculture area

945.000 ha.

Agricultural exports

USD 1.3 Billion

Share of agricultural labor in total labor

30,2 (%)

Çukurova is  Turkey's biggest agricultural provider

Çukurova Region is located in the south-eastern section of Turkey’s coasts along the Mediterranean. The Region is composed of two Provinces – Adana in the east and Mersin in the west stretching over 29,515 km2 (14,030 km² Mersin, 15,485 km2 Adana), equal to circa 3.7% of Turkey’s overall surface. Looking at amount  of  total agricultural land of the  region, Adana has  539.000 ha. and Mersin has 406.000 ha. agricultural land as total 945.000 ha. Because of the advantages in agriculture such as fertile soil, subtropical climate, average 290 days/year sunny days, wide crop variety, early fruit /vegetable growing and plenty of water, agriculture is one of the leading sectors in the Çukurova economy.

In Çukurova’s economic development, the role of agriculture currently considering the potential of the agricultural food industry, is clearly the priority and importance. Food and drink companies in the region are well-positioned to launch more value-added products due to the  fact that they have access to superior technology. There is a critical mass of food companies collocated in the region, together with the related industries. Besides Çukurova, with its easy access to the Turkish domestic market of 72.5 million consumers and large markets of nearby countries for its agri-food products, has great potential, provided that adequate international production standards are ensured.

Major agricultural products

With its rich soil, vast arable land and favorable climate, Çukurova offers a wide range of agricultural product group. In the coast side; vegetables, citrus fruit, cotton, corn, water melon, sesame, peanuts, etc. production is common, whereas inner parts at the mountain skirts produce products relatively resistant to cold such as pulse, wheat, grape, olive, almond, walnut etc. In addition Mersin has the second greatest city on greenhouse production with the scope of all Turkey.
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