Chemicals and Plastics

Chemicals and Plastics Industry

Chemicals and plastics industry is one of the main and most promising manufacturing sectors of the Region of Çukurova. The sector has been recording solid growth and is projected to boom with the launching of future projects like Ceyhan Energy Specialised Industrial Zone.

Main subsectors in the region are manufacture of basic chemicals; fertilizers and nitrogen compounds; pesticides and other agro-chemical products; mineral oils; soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations; rubber and plastic products.

About 85% of the companies in this sector are located in Adana and perform more than 75% of the exports in this sector. Chemicals and plastics industry is currently the leading sector in manufacturing exports*. The volume of exports in this sector has tripled since 2005.

Export figures for Çukurova (USD, 2005-2010)
Year Total Manufacturing* Chemicals and plastics % of total % of manufacturing
2005 1,541,019,360 917,115,574 132,434,991 8.6 14.4
2006 1,764,528,297 1,019,051,018 202,176,085 11.5 19.8
2007 2,139,391,961 1,288,049,091
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