Tourism in Çukurova

The region has almost all geographical features for various types of tourism investments. At the end of the Ninth Development Plan period, tourism revenues are estimated to be $ 36.4 billion, the number of visitors to 38 million, and the number of citizens going abroad is estimated to reach 15 million in Turkey. The central government and local governments have several projects to stimulate tourism in Çukurova.

  • 481 km coast line, more than 300 days sunny.
  • Hundreds of endemic plants, forests.
  • 361 archaeological and natural sites, 529 registered architectural monuments, 82.000 archaeological and ethnographic pieces in the museums.
  • All types of transportation are available.

History and Culture
Located at the crossroads of Anatolia and the Middle East Çukurova has always been a spot of interest in history. The region has been a settlement place since the 7th century BC and hosted many significant civilizations such as the Hittites, Babylonians, Persians, Roman and Ottoman Empires. Today, 361 archaeological sites bear witness to this remarkable past.

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