Renewable Energy

Turkey has become one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world in parallel to its economic growth registered in the last eight years and is rapidly gaining a competitive structure.

The Turkish Electricity Transmission Company estimates that Turkey’s demand for electricity will increase at an annual rate of 6 % between 2009 and 2023. Electricity demand in 2008 equaled 198 TWh, representing a 4.3 % annual growth from 2007. The Compound Annual Growth Rate of electricity demand between 2004 and 2008 was 7.2 percent. The estimated investment required for the period of 2010-2030 is between USD 193-225 billion, which comprises USD 180-210 billion for generation, USD 6-7 billion for transmission and USD 7-8 billion for distribution.(Source: Energy Market Regulatory Authority).

There is large scale potential in the field of renewable energy in  Çukurova Region.  The Çukurova and Turkish energy market offers a wide range of activities, with the use of solar, wind, bio-mass, bio-fuels, hydro sources of power, complete with related technology, equipment and services. 

Solar power potantial  (thermal and PV)

The Çukurova Region’s energy market has a comparative advantage on electricity generation based on renewable energy, especially on Solar Power. Region is taking advantage of Solar thermal collectors to heat water.

The solar energy potential evaluations for Çukurova Region is made by the General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIE) based on the data measured by the State Meteorological Services (DMI) during 1985 – 2006 revealed the following:

- The annual average total insulation duration is 2,956 hours (7.2 hours/day).
- Average annual solar radiation is 1,390 kWh/m²-year (3.8 kWh/m²-day).

The region in general has homogenous climate conditions. Average temperatures in Adana and Mersin do not differ from each other too much as seen in the graph below. The average daytime temperature is 20.3 °C  There are 179 days with a daily temperature over 25°C. Maximum and minimum temperatures are measured as 40°C and -7.5 °C respectively. Annual average relative humidity is 67%, and changes between 65%-75% depending on the season.

Wind energy potantial

According to the figures issued by the European Wind Energy Association, Turkey has ranked first among other European countries with the highest growth rate of installed capacity. The growth rate of installed capacity in Turkey  was 192% by 2007. This ratio was 18% in EU 27, and 2% in EFTA countries. The high growth rate indicates that Turkey still has room for improvement in terms of utilizing the full market potential of its wind energy.

Biomass potantial

Within Turkey, Çukurova supplying %10 of Turkey’s agricultural-plantal production value, ranks the 1st place amongst the regions. The annual quantity of agricultural-plantal production is approximately 9.5 million tons.



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