The Logistics Hub of Turkey

Çukurova Region is one of Turkey’s prominent logistics base for many reasons. Geo-strategic location, Mersin International Port (MIP), Free Trade Zones, Railway Transportation, Strong Truck Fleet, Adana International Airport and vast hinterland give firms here to challenge with the global market. And with low costs and well-qualified labour skills the region is a crucial centre for business’ logistics operations.

The region offers significant opportunities for investors with its perfect geographical position. This location naturally makes Çukurova Region to function as a gateway between Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.The region’s location in the southeastern Anatolia makes it a gateway for inland Anatolia and Middle East.

According to “Turkey Logistics Industry Survey 2008” the size of Turkish Transportation and Logistics industry is determined US$ 59 billion. The Industry has grown by 20% on average in the last five years and the forecast is US$ 120 billion in 2015.

Surrounded by seas on three sides, Turkey has competitive advantages in maritime transport. By August 2008 the Turkish Maritime fleet consisted of 1,631 ships and ranks 25th in the world according to the number of ships. 2,000 customs clearance companies, 1,200 international road transport companies, 1,000 international maritime companies, 250 freight-forwarders and 200 bonded warehouses offering logistics services to international trade firms.
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