The provinces of Adana and Mersin together constitute one of the largest, most significant and most promising economic hubs of Turkey. The economic structure of the region has been shaped by vast tillable fertile lands, favorable climatic conditions, strategic location on the historic trade routes and proximity to significant markets.

Today, as the most economically vibrant and powerful region of Turkey-that is the Marmara Region- is getting congested with buildings and factories, the Region of Çukurova is offering numerous advantages and opportunities to entrepreneurs.

Çukurova, with two large metropolitan cities and a population of 3.7 million people, is one of the leading regions in Turkey in services.

The leading economic activities in the region are manufacture of textiles, agro-food and manufacture of chemicals. These sectors are distinguishable with their top positions in revenue, employment and exports. The high level of knowledge and the broad experience in the region add to their leading position.

The strong economic activities in the region are manufacture of metals and machinery, manufacture of paper products and logistics. These activities, while employing the available resources in the region to a certain extent, still hold the potential to expand.

The emerging economic activities in the region are tourism, renewable energy and manufacture of furniture. These activities have considerably improved in recent years and are considered to be promising for the future.

Foreign trade volume 5.8 million $ in 2010.
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