Quality of life

Cultural life in ÇUKUROVA

  • Mersin State Opera and Ballet
  • Mersin International Music Festival
  • The Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra
  • Altın Koza International Film Festival
  • Adana State Theater
  • Adana Town Theater
  • Seyhan Town Theater

Mersin State Opera and Ballet
was established in 1992. The orchestra took on its journey with a few staff musicians whereas it consists of 29 permanent musicians, 19 local guest musicians, and 12 foreign guest musicians today. It has been successfully performing a wide repertoire including opera, ballet, and symphonic music.

Mersin International Music Festival
is an annual music festival held in Mersin. Mersin International Music Festival was established in 2001, and it is one of the major cultural events of the province. The festival takes place in October, every year. The festival, which became a member of the European Festivals Association, or EFA, in 2007, has proved to be high in quality not only to Turkey but also to the whole world.

The Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra (Adana) founded after the Turkish Presidency Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul and Izmir State Symphony Orchestras, started to perform with 17 musicians, which was a small cadre at the beginning. Orchestra, which meticulously designs its schedule every season, is inviting well-known musicians to the town in order to promote universal polyphonic music to Turkish audience and to let them love and enjoy it more.
Altın Koza International Film Festival (The Golden Boll) is a film festival of Adana, that was held 17 times since 1969 and took place every year since 2005. The event is organized by the Greater Adana Municipality and takes place in June. Beginning from 2006, the scope of the festival is broadened to an international dimension within the framework of the cinema in Mediterranean basin countries.
Adana Town Theater was founded in 1880 to be the first theater in Adana by governor Ziya Paşa. In 1926, the theater moved to the newly built Community Center. Town Theater currently performs weekly at the Metropolitan Theater Hall which also hosts Town Chorus and community theater, folklor and concert performances.

Seyhan Town Theater (Adana)
and Seyhan Folkloric Dances stage weekly at the 1000-seater Theater Hall of Seyhan Cultural Center.


    Cinebonus Mersin
    Cinemall Mersin
    Cinens Kipa Mersin
    Kultur Cinema Clup (Mersin)
    Marina Vista İcel
    Metropol Adana
    Ariplex Adana
    Cinebonus-M1 Adana
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